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Hope, Alaska, USA

Revelations Of Truth: Alaska Urantia Book Study Group
Postal Code99605
Primary LanguageEnglish
Meeting DayInquire
Meeting RegularityWeekly
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Online study: Please call primary contact 24 hours ahead of time to confirm study time. Group size varies. Study time is non-political, free from channeling, and focused exclusively on The Urantia Book. There will be no Teaching Mission channeling material, no Course in Miracles, UFO discussions or other matters of distraction associated with study of The Urantia Book. We will read a paper together, taking turns. The paper can be in agreed order or a particular one chosen for the night of study. Discussion is important and welcomed. If the weather permits, the study may be held out on the deck in the summer. Snacks and tea is available during the study. Lets enjoy the commonality of Truth discovery as we study The Urantia Book and enjoy fellowship. New readers welcome.

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