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Bizen, Okayama, Japan

Earth Community Okayama
Postal Code705-0001
Region or Metro InfoImbe
Primary LanguageEnglish
Meeting DayInquire
Meeting RegularityBiweekly (every two weeks)
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The Human Cause in Service to the One Infinite Creator and the 5 Principles of... 1. Humanity – advocating the collective cultivation of inherent attributes of empathy, kindness, tolerance, and goodwill to eradicate suffering, despair, inequality, and hunger in the pursuit of the Greater Good 2. Planetary Wellbeing – the collective efforts to ensure the Wellbeing and Protection of All Life, maintaining the Integrity and Sustainability of a Fragile Environment within a Unique Biodiverse Life-support System 3. Sustainable Prosperity – improving the Quality of Life, by meeting the needs of All through Humanitarian, Economic, and Technological Progress and Shared Resources in a Renewable Way without exploiting one-another or compromising shared and natural resources needed for present life to Thrive and that of Future Generations 4. Universal Peace – maintaining and strengthening a society dedicated and committed to becoming a Cosmic Civilization where everyone can live in Freedom, Harmony, and Cooperation in the absence of discord, subjugation, animosity, hostility, violence, and indifference that leads to war and suffering 5. Integral Partnerships – establishing an open network of likeminded free-thinking Humanitarian and Cosmic Stakeholders, Rooted in Love, Hope, Faith, Trust, Transparency, Integrity, Awakening and Service Unto the One Infinite Creator to achieve the same Existing Good as our Cosmic Neighbors and All Beings on Earth

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